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Abhishek Srivastava

Seasoned professional with 12 years of experience in merchant acquisition, fintech solutions, and e-product development. Successfully achieved 400 crore annual turnover and expanded services nationwide.

Anwar Ul Haque

Experienced Chief Operating Officer with a proven track record in the financial services industry. Skilled in vendor management, customer service, account management, sales, and business development.

Chief Technical Officer

SK Imran Ahmed

As the Chief Technology Officer at Apptimate Software Pvt Ltd, I bring over 12 years of experience in the technology industry, driving successful development and implementation of innovative solutions.

VP Sales

Sunil Joshi

Experienced sales head with a track record of revenue growth through strategic planning, team management, and effective communication. Skilled in developing and implementing successful sales strategies.

Team Leader

Sadasiva Acharya

I am a software developer with a passion for creating innovative and efficient solutions through code. I have a strong background in multiple programming languages and experience with various development methodologies.

Wasim Reja

I am a backend developer. I specialize in creating and maintaining the server side of the web and mobile applications. I have successfully implemented RESTful APIs and managed data using SQL databases.

Amaresh Pati

I am an experienced application developer with a passion for creating innovative and user-friendly software. I enjoy working in collaborative environments and am always eager to learn new technologies and techniques.

Senior Software Developer

Arnab Ray

Hi, I am a senior PHP developer with a passion for technology. My experience spans more than 8 years, and I have completed several client projects. I am sure that with all of you, our team will achieve remarkable results in the future.

Abhishek Panigrahi

Experienced front-end web developer specializing in informative and e-commerce websites. Contributed to successful web projects, demonstrating expertise in design and development.

Vaibhav Garg

Experienced front-end web developer with a strong portfolio of website development. Involved in successful web projects, showcasing expertise in design and implementation.

Project Manager

Alok Das

I am a skilled and organized professional who is able to manage complex projects from start to finish, ensuring that they are completed on time, within budget, and to the satisfaction of stakeholders.


Rakesh Kumar Pradhan

Dedicated tester passionate about finding software flaws, diligent in defect identification, and committed to quality, user experience, improvement through feedback.


Ashutosh Ray

A passionate UX/UI designer, concerned with the entire process of acquiring and integrating a product, including aspects of branding, design, usability and function.

Subasini Sahoo

I am an expert in the art of visual communication, utilizing their creative skills and technical expertise to craft compelling designs that effectively convey a message, tell a story, and captivate a target audience.

Jayashree Pattnaik

Dedicated graphics designer passionate about creating comprehensive product experiences, combining branding, design, usability, and functionality. Committed to delivering visually captivating and engaging designs.

Associate Software Developer

Soumyashree Pati

As a backend developer, my expertise lies in translating project requirements into efficient and scalable code for optimal performance.Efficient and maintainable code translation from project requirements is my forte.

Tapaswini Mohapatra

As a front-end Angular developer, I excel at crafting dynamic and user-friendly interfaces, implementing cutting-edge features to enhance user experiences.

Jyotirmayee Mishra

As a front-end developer, I craft user-friendly interfaces, implement cutting-edge features, and ensure clean code for exceptional user experiences.Using my expertise in front-end technologies, I create visually stunning designs.

Pradip Kumar Pati

As a Laravel developer, I leverage the framework's power to build robust web applications, design efficient databases, and implement secure, scalable, and high-performance solutions for clients.

Abinash sahu

I have a broad range of technical skills, including proficiency in front-end technologies as well as back-end technologies such as databases, server-side scripting languages, and web frameworks.

Dibyajyoti Mishra

I am a backend-developer skilled in building and maintaining the server-side components of web applications, using a variety of programming languages, frameworks, and databases.

Ravi Kumar Sharma

In the realm of backend development, my expertise lies in crafting optimal server-side logic, databases, and APIs to enable smooth front-end communication and deliver dependable web applications.

Subham Jena

As a front-end Angular developer, I design interactive interfaces, implementing cutting-edge features, deliver high-quality products and optimize user experiences through clean and efficient code.

Associate Android Developer

Amit Sanabada

I'm a passionate mobile application developer and designer with strong expertise in React Native, JAVA and Spring Boot. I like designing user-friendly and attractive mobile applications.

Ashutosh Mohapatra

As an Android developer, I create innovative and user-friendly mobile applications for Android devices, leveraging my expertise in Java, Flutter and seamless integration of functionalities.

Asim Gope

I can develop high-quality, user-friendly mobile applications with clean code,seamless integration of functionalities and efficient performance as an Android developer with experience in Flutter and Kotlin.

Bhanupriya Padhi

In my role as an Android developer, I specialize in crafting Java/flutter-based mobile applications for Android devices. My focus is on designing intuitive interfaces to provide users with innovative and captivating experiences.

Dwitikrushna Das

As an Android developer, I design dynamic apps using React Native, focusing on intuitive UI/UX, performance optimization, and staying up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies for exceptional user experiences.