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EMI Locker Application

About this App:

Refab EMI Locker Empowers Mobile Shop Retailers with Self-Financing Solutions, Simplifies EMI management for selling phones on self-finance, Tracks EMI schedules, and enhances customer experiences. it also Boost sales and profitability with our secure and user-friendly EMI locker app.

The goal of this project is to create a mobile locker app for insurance companies to offer to their customers who buy products on EMI plans. The app will be installed on the customer's phone, and if they fail to make an EMI payment, the app will lock their phone until the overdue EMI is paid. Once the EMI has been paid, the app will generate a passcode for the user to use to unlock their phone.

Installation process

  • There will be two separate applications available , The first application will provide retailers with access to all the information and data of the user.
  • This could include personal information such as name, address, and contact information, mobile IMEI number, remotely control the user's device, including turning it on/off, performing a factory reset, reboot, or lock the device.
  • To access and control the user's profile, retailers must first register through the admin in the primary application and then download the secondary application from the play store.

Features of the Application:

  • Phone is locked until EMI clearance is obtained.
  • QR codes and voice reminders simplify payment process.
  • Tracks and reminds EMI payments.
  • EMI payment details are encrypted for safety.
  • Until the EMI payment is cleared, the app will forbid social media access.
  • It disables camera, Bluetooth, usb file transfers and blocks calls.
  • Generates passcode after overdue EMI payment to unlock phone.
  • Integration with secure payment gateway for EMI transactions.
  • Customer support available for app-related issue.

Why Refab EMI Locker

  • Better performance and stability for seamless EMI management.
  • Better user interface for a more intuitive and effortless experience.
  • Added notifications for timely payment reminders and updates.
  • Optimized security features to safeguard your EMI transactions.
Who will use Refab EMI Locker app:

The Refab EMI Locker app is specifically designed for mobile shop retailers who offer self-financing options to their customers. It caters to retailers who sell phones or other products with installment-based payment plans. The app empowers these retailers to manage and track EMI payments efficiently, providing a simplified solution for their self-financing operations. By using the Refab EMI Locker app, mobile shop retailers can enhance their sales process, offer convenient financing options to customers, and simplify EMI management for a smoother business operation.


  • Development of a mobile locker app for Android and iOS platforms.
  • Integration of the app with the insurance agency's backend system to retrieve EMI payment data.
  • Implementation of a lock and unlock mechanism based on the EMI payment status.
  • Generation of a passcode for the user to unlock their phone after the overdue EMI is paid.
  • User interface design for the app, including screens for locking and unlocking the phone, entering the passcode, and displaying EMI payment status.
  • Testing of the app on various mobile devices and platforms to ensure compatibility and functionality.
  • Deployment of the app to app stores (Google Play and App Store) and configuration of necessary server infrastructure.

Refab EMI Locker empowers retailers with a comprehensive solution to easily manage EMI payments, ensuring a smooth self-financing procedure. The app can assist users in avoiding missed deadlines and the negative effects of defaulting on EMI payments by tracking payments and sending reminders. Hence the REFAB EMI Locker app is a great resource for people who want to manage their EMI payments and stay out of debt.